Another Tragedy Strikes the Stelter Family

Published July 15, 2023 at 12:24

Another tragedy strikes Ben Stelter's family, less than a year after the passing of Ben.


Mike Stelter Has Cancer

Ben's dad, Mike, has announced he has cancer.

"I was having back pains and with an MRI the doctors found a tumor growing on my spine"

This is terrible news. They can't seem to catch a break. They'll even have to travel to USA for treatment.

Tough Situation

"We have to travel to the U.S. for treatment because it's not available in Canada."

"It's been a whirlwind for us to say the least but we are so grateful for all of the love and support.

"It's been a very difficult year for our family"

"We lost Ben last year and it's been emotionally heartbreaking for our family. We're trying to recover from that and then we found out this news about Ben's dad, about Mike. It's hard to believe."

"It's taken weeks to accept and we are now here just trying to get Mike better and doing everything we can to rally around the Stelters."

We wish the best of luck to the Stelter family in these rough times.

As seen on Blade of Steel - A year after Ben's passing, the Stelter family makes another heartbreaking announcement
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Another Tragedy Strikes the Stelter Family

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