Anaheim Ducks Canceled Following Distasteful Claims

Published November 2, 2023 at 7:49 PM
The Anaheim Ducks are being canceled on social media following a distasteful post in light of recent events.

Recent Events

Since Adam Johnson's passing, the hockey world has been mourning his loss and migrating towards more protective equipment. Many leagues and NHL teams have begun implementing mandatory neck guards and finding out which ones work the best.

However, the Anaheim Ducks made a post last evening that has ruffled some feathers and called into question if the Ducks are taking the issue seriously at all.

Following a massive hit from defenseman Radko Gudas, whose nickname is 'the butcher', the Ducks made a post appreciating the hit.

Beware the Butcher.

Ducks Cancelled

In the video, it can be seen how Gudas' skates got incredibly close to Clayton Keller's head and neck area. Journalist Ian Kennedy called the Ducks out for this shameful post.

Given the tragic events in hockey this week, and the anxiety some people would have seeing both of Gudas' skates narrowly missing Keller, I'd hope the Ducks social media team might have slightly more awareness in putting out a post this week with that phrase.

The Ducks social media team has yet to respond to Kennedy nor delete their original post implying that they will be standing their ground by remaining unapologetic.

We now await to see if there will be a response or if the Ducks will simply ignore the matter.
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Anaheim Ducks Canceled Following Distasteful Claims

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