WATCH: Paul Bissonnette Interviews Nazem Kadri after Blues try to injure him

Published May 24, 2022 at 11:26
The St Louis Blues did everything they could to get under Nazem Kadri's skin including trying to injure him, but Kadri got the last laugh scoring 3 goals and an assist in a 6-3 Colorado win giving the Avalanche a 3-1 series lead. After the game Kadri would speak on his game with NHL on TNT.

Paul Bissonnette:
"Naz Biz here obviously with everything going into this game I'm sure you were maybe they were going to take some runs at you. You score the goal then Buchnevich takes that run at you and after that on the ensuing play they end up taking two stupid penalties. What was said to you on the bench by Bednar after when you on the bench and he was patting your shoulder?"

Nazem Kadri:
"Just to um, stay patient stay posed and that's something I've been prepping myself for a while obviously after last year so you know for me I'll take all the punches I can convert on the power play and I want to hurt'em so, that's the end of story.

Rick Tocchet:
"Naz I know you like playing on the road and you played just to it tonight obviously there's different things you have to deal with here and we saw the story about online posts and some threats made towards you, death threats made towards you racist comment towards you on Twitter, how do you deal with all that and move on and play?"

"Ah hey man unfortunate I've been dealing with that for a long time, you know it's sad to say but that's just the fact of the matter I'm getting good at just putting it in the rear vear mirror. It's a big deal but I try to act like it's not and just keep moving forward so you know that's what I do and I know that doesn't reflect some of those messages I got doesn't represent every single fan it St Louis but um you know for those that hate that ones for them.

You I really wanted to come out tonight and really put a mark on this game, uh, especially after all that happend you know I try to do that as best as possible sometimes you know you got to be patient you got to wait um.. You know I was able to strike in the second period and you know was able to get the MOJO going in terms of individually and as a team so jt felt amazing just especially to do it on the road. You know it was it was pure."

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WATCH: Paul Bissonnette Interviews Nazem Kadri after Blues try to injure him

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