The New Jersey Devils are done with PK Subban

Published March 8, 2022 at 11:15 PM

The job of an NHL GM is not always an easy one and sometimes you have to have difficult conversations. That's exactly what New Jersey Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald did over the weekend with veteran defenseman PK Subban.

"I sat down with P.K. yesterday and we talked about uncertainty and the deadline and that we're not at a spot where we're looking to extend him at this point."

Fitzgerald was a player himself so he knows what it's like to be traded, so being candid with his players is something he's decided to make part of his day-to-day operations.

"I sat in the chair across from the GM during my playing career. And been told you're being moved or there's the potential for being moved. Change is hard as a player. I've done it. It is hard."

"It is unnerving, I understand that."

"He's done a lot for community here and the organization. But I told him, ‘On the last day, somebody may lose a right-shot D and may call me and if the move makes sense for the New Jersey Devils and makes sense for you to potentially have a chance to win, I have to do what's best for the organization.'"

It's clear that PK is nearing the end of his time in New Jersey and as an unrestricted free agent the team doesn't see any value in the aging dman, especially with all the negative attention he draws from both the fans and other players with his dangerous play.
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The New Jersey Devils are done with PK Subban

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