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The NHL needs to set an example with Poolman

Published November 12, 2021 at 12:13

Last night in a blowout loss Canucks' Tucker Poolman decided to swing his stick at Colorado forward Keifer Sherwood after a collision against the boards. Poolman's stick struck the side of Sherwood's head around the ear area.

Poolman was a assessed a match penalty which mean he was immediately assessed a suspension pending a hearing. Historically a play like this results in a one or two game suspension, but the NHL needs to take a harder stance on plays like this in my opinion.

When you look at this play it doesn't represent a hockey play or anything like it. It's simply a frustrated player swinging his stick like a weapon and it's the type of play the league needs to find a way to get rid of. The suspension will likely be for a game or two, but the league should draw a line in the sand and look at a longer suspension of 5+ games to help remove this play from the game completely.

Update: Poolman was assessed a 2 game suspension.
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