Teams with Top 10 Most Expensive Ticket Prices REVEALED - SURPRISING team on list

Published October 19, 2022 at 7:47 PM

While inflation has caused the price of everything to go up, this is absolutely insane.
If you want to spend a nice evening out to see a National Hockey League game, you better be prepared to open up your wallet and spent quite a bit of money.

With no surprise, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the highest priced team to go watch. If you want to see a game at the Scotiabank Arena, you will be paying on average $309 a ticket. Which is insane to think about, if you have a family of 4 and want to see the Maple Leafs play, you will be spending on average $1,236 to watch the game, pretty soon no one will be able to afford to attend.

The surprising team on this list are the Seattle Kraken, who are in only their second season in the league and in the first year they finished near the bottom of the standings. The price to see the Kraken play averages at $300 per ticket, only $9 less than seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs who are a historic, established franchise.

We see the New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins take the other spots in the top 5, but one team that is surprising to not see on here are the Montreal Canadiens.

The Canadiens are one of the oldest teams, have more history than any other franchise, and have the most stanley cups in history. You'd think this would be the team that would bring in the highest prices.

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Teams with Top 10 Most Expensive Ticket Prices REVEALED - SURPRISING team on list

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