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Sean Avery lashes out at Barnaby and Laraque

Published March 1, 2022 at 10:40

When Sean Avery announced that he was going to try to make a return to the NHL at 42-years-old there was some excitement, lots of laughter and even a few players motivated to also take their hand at a return just to get their hands on Avery. So when Avery announced he'd signed a contract with the Orlando Solar Bears it motivated both Matthew Barnaby and Georges Laraque to try their hand at a return. Laraque even went as far as seeking out a one-day contract.

Well Avery's return didn't go as planned, as 48-hours after signing his ECHL contract he had to terminate the same deal. According to Avery he terminated the deal because he missed his son far too much to continue. But just because Avery's career is possibly over that doesn't mean the war of words is even close to over, because today Avery responded to both Laraque and Barnaby.

It sounds like the "Super Pest" Sean Avery will never give up being the shit disturber that made him famous.

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Sean Avery lashes out at Barnaby and Laraque

In their prime, who was the toughest?

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Sean Avery4410 %
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