REPORT: Brad Marchand calls out NHL referee's and whats WRONG with them

Published February 15, 2023 at 11:51
Last weekend, one of the NHL's biggest stars in Sidney Crosby took a slight shot at the NHL and their officials when he said to reporters that he isn't allowed to actually say how he feels. This came after Crosby received his first game ejection over his long career, and he obviously wasn't happy.

NHL refereeing has been the victim of ridicule over the past few seasons as fans and even it seems players are believing it's continuing to get worse and worse.

Brad Marchand on the other hand, who has a reputation of being a pest and being suspended/fined, is not afraid to speak his mind.

This past Saturday, the Boston Bruins hosted the Washington Capitals and lost only their second game at home 2-1, and post-game, Brad Marchand shared exactly how he felt about the officials:

Around the league, whether you call everything chintzy like they did on ‘CC' or ‘Lindy' [Hampus Lindholm], or let it all go. It can't be half-and-half throughout the game. You know guys have no idea what they can and can't do, but that's part of it.

For once, I think everyone can agree with Brad Marchand on this one. If a referee let everything go, everyone would be okay with it, if the referee called everything, everyone would be okay with it. But it's when something gets called one time and not another is what is driving players and fans crazy and needs to get fixed immediately.
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REPORT: Brad Marchand calls out NHL referee's and whats WRONG with them

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