REPORT: Another FAILURE at Arizona Coyotes Mullet Arena - Caused LENGTHY delay!

Published December 18, 2022 at 3:28 PM
While we may not support the Arizona Coyotes as much as Gary Bettman does, we don't want to see a franchise fail. We would love to see the Arizona Coyotes team actually become successful and have a good team, and in this case, a good arena.

The Coyotes have been taking heavy criticism from insiders, players, fans and media for their choice to play in the Arizona State College arena this season, which seats only 5,000 fans. Which has even gotten worse when the Coyotes are failing to even sell out this arena.

To start the season, the rink wasn't even ready for their first few home games and players were getting ready in a quickly thrown together room which then they were transported over to the proper ice pad.

Well, yesterday they came across another issue when they hosted the New York Islanders. During the second period, with 10:51 remaining, the Islanders bench door would not latch. It took someone coming with a hammer to pound it shut to start working.

It seems like the Coyotes have been a rebuilding team for years, and just continue to need to start over with the rebuild. Let's hope that the Tempe arena situation goes through and they finally win a draft lottery to bring in some franchise players to the Coyotes. We've seen teams suddenly become a ''hockey town'' when an exciting franchise player enters the team, perhaps this is all it will take for Arizona.
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REPORT: Another FAILURE at Arizona Coyotes Mullet Arena - Caused LENGTHY delay!

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