READ: Pending UFA Jack Campbell loves Toronto - won't take a discounted contract

Published May 18, 2022 at 10:27
The Toronto Maple Leafs fans and players are still getting over the shock of another early summer vacation, after this being quite possibly one of the best Maple Leafs teams ever built on paper but just couldn't win when it mattered most yet again. While the Leafs and fans should still have a lot of hope for next season, Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas has some work ahead of him as he will need to find a way to bring in some missing pieces and find a way to resign his goaltender with the limited cap space has.

Jack Campbell had a good Playoffs and excellent regular season, maybe too good, because Jack Campbell's contract is up and he's looking to sign a new deal. The good news is he loves Toronto and hopes to stay in Toronto. The bad news Campbell was making just $1,650,000 annually and he's going to be looking for a substantial raise. But it gets worse, Jack Campbell has shared that:

"The Maple Leafs won't be getting any Home town discount instead saying I'll let my agent handle my contract negotiations he knows my worth."

With a team already having salary cap issues, that means pending free agents like Ilya Mikheyev and Ilya Lyubushkin are likely done in Toronto. Jack Campbell is now 30 years old and is currently a pending UFA, so unless some cap space is made with the trading of a Nylander, we may have seen Campbell play his last game in Toronto as well. Currently the Leafs have Petr Mrazek signed for two more seasons at $3.8 million, which if they were able to move this contract, that would most likely free up enough space for Campbell, but after last season, who wants Mrazek?

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READ: Pending UFA Jack Campbell loves Toronto - won't take a discounted contract

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