NHL Insider is predicting Auston Matthews leaves the Maple Leafs for a U.S team

July 20, 2022  (5:21 PM)

A few years ago now we saw John Tavares leave the team that drafted him in free agency, marking the first superstar player to do this in a salary cap era. He did this to return home and play infront of his family. Now we just say Johnny Gaudreau do it as well and now RFA Matthew Tkachuk is holding out to do the exact same thing, but atleast the Flames are going to get a return for Tkachuk's case.

Since COVID started, Canada has had some stricter laws than they've had in the United States and we've already seen some players not want to play in Canada because of them. Add in that the tax system is MUCH worse in Canada than in the United States, it is definitely making U.S born players much prefer to play back in their home country rather than up North.
Both Gaudreau and possibly Matthew Tkachuk are leaving Calgary to return to the United States and an NHL Insider believes Auston Matthews is going to do the exact same thing.
Sportsnet's Eric Francis joined the Toronto Sportsnet Fan 590 and shared his thoughts on Matthews:
There's no way the Maple Leafs are trading for Matthew Tkachuk. Right? He doesn't want to play in Toronto or in Canada, right? Or are the Maple Leafs, maybe the exception?

Eric Francis: They might be the exception because him and Auston Matthews are good buds, right? I mean, they go back quite a way so that maybe the exception.

But you want me to pour cold water on one rumor, but I'm gonna throw another one out there. That might heat up your discussion later today. Auston Matthews is going to be in this exact same position as Matthew Tkachuk next summer guys. I know nobody wants to think about it.

Nobody wants to talk about it, but I'd be willing to bet you guys a sizeable amount of money. Auston Matthews is not re-signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's going stateside like Johnny Gaudreau, like Matthew Tkachuk, like other guys around the league and I may be wrong on this because I'm not tight with Auston Matthews but I see the he's very similar in general and Tkachuk, to me and he's going to want to go down to the States.

Warmer weather closer to friends, no more border. The COVID border issue was a big issue with a lot of players. I think he's got a lot of go where there's more exposure where you can make a bigger impact on the game as an American.

And don't forget guys after next season, he goes into his final year with a no movement clause. No trade clause. So the Leafs are going to probably want to find out before next season starts if Matthews is interested in signing a long-term extension and if he's not the Leafs, may be an exact same position as the Calgary players right now.

Now the Leafs because they're so damn good and so, damn close and so many people's eyes. They may be willing to play the final year of Auston Matthews' contract with him, you know, clearly walking to free agency and getting nothing for them. They may be willing to do that, but that's going to be huge discussion on your airwaves for a long, long time.

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NHL Insider is predicting Auston Matthews leaves the Maple Leafs for a U.S team

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