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KHL teams show a disgusting display before playoff game

Published March 11, 2022 at 2:07 PM

While most of the hockey world has already spoken out about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, it appears the KHL is no longer hiding the fact that they're a puppet to the Russian government. During yesterday's playoff game involving Ak Bars Kazan, the following images were shared on the jumbotron.

Via Swedish reporter Karl Månsson, shows what a disgusting, politically propped up league the KHL is. At Ak Bars Kazan game, the Z symbol for invasion, war and killing is proudly displayed, along with "for victory" and "for peace".

It was immediately called upon by people that the sanctions against Russian hockey should continue for as long as possible to end the toxicity surrounding this league, which likely won't be around even as soon as next year as multiple team's have already announced their departure.

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KHL teams show a disgusting display before playoff game

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