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Gary Bettman disrespects Cale Makar while LIVE on air

Published October 13, 2022 at 3:30 PM

Many people don't like Gary Bettman and they show it by booing him every chance they get when he does his public speeches. The NHL is the only league to have multiple work stoppages while under one Commissioner, but he constantly speaks about our game growing, which while it might be at a slower rate than other professional leagues, he is absolutely right, the NHL is continuing to grow.

But you'd hope that the Commissioner would atleast learn the proper names of the superstars in his league that are making the league billions of dollars.

Yesterday during a live segment on TNT, Gary Bettman joined the crew as a guest and began speaking about the leagues best players, and apparently he doesn't even know their names:

You know what, you can look at, but you can't pick one player. You can look at Connor McDavid, and Caleb Makar, and Auston Matthews and the list goes on

While mistakes do happen, Cale Makar has been the talk of the league last season and you'd think that since he just lead his team to a Stanley Cup that the Commissioner would atleast know his name?
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Gary Bettman disrespects Cale Makar while LIVE on air

Will Makar win the Norris this season?

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no4928.3 %
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