Flyers player emerging as a ''cancer'' in the lockerroom

Published March 11, 2022 at 9:12 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers have had a tough season, the team had hoped to contend for a playoff spot, but they've ended up far from that destination. The Flyers currently sit dead last in the Metropolitan Division and are expected to trade their Captain Claude Giroux in the coming weeks.

Obviously this isn't what management had envisioned, but after extending Rasmus Ristolainen earlier this week it appears another defenseman could be on his way out the door. According to FlyersPuckSauce it seems Ivan Provorov is starting to become a cancer in the Flyers' room.

Speaking to various scouts, teammates and management.
We have a big problem hockey fans.
Ivan has become a very difficult player to deal with. He's overly sensitive and the reason he wasn't taken off the PP until last night was because of how he'd deal with it.

His recent press conference where it was perceived he was throwing teammates under the bus instead of taking personal accountability hasn't gone over well at all with teammates.
He and his girlfriend are MASSIVE into social media and check constantly for negative Provy comments and articles.

He feels he is being scapegoated by the fans and by media to the point he has called some out in private. He believes he is a top pair Dman and playing like one and doesn't understand why it is perceived otherwise.

All that said, no one is harder on Ivan than Ivan. The more pressure and heat he puts on himself, the worse he plays and gets off the ice.

I started putting this out there the last few weeks if you've been paying attention and it's now getting worse by the week.

I believe we are to the point that both team and player would likely be fine with a parting of the ways.

This was later confirmed by other members of the media.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out in Philadelphia in the coming weeks.
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Flyers player emerging as a ''cancer'' in the lockerroom

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