Crazy Stat Shows That Auston Matthews May Be Better than Alex Ovechkin

Published August 10, 2023 at 12:45

Alexander Ovechkin is almost unanimously considered to be the best natural goal-scoring talent of our generation in the NHL. That is until Auston Matthews came onto the scene.

Matthews VS Ovechkin

Auston Matthews has been putting up huge goal numbers since his first game in the NHL, where he potted 4 in one game. He has never scored less than 34 goals in a season. Since 2016-17, Matthews is 11th in points, and 1st in goals.

What's even more telling about Matthews is his goals-per-game average. He sits 7th, behind only Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Mike Bossy, Brett Hull, Jari Kurri, and Teemu Selanne. His .62 is just higher than Ovechkin's .61 average.

Highest Goals/Game from a player in the first 7 years of their career in the modern NHL:

0.87 — Gretzky
0.80 — Lemieux
0.78 — Mike Bossy
0.78 — Brett Hull
0.68 — Jari Kurri
0.65 — Selanne
0.62 — AM34
0.62 — Luc Robitaille
0.61 — Alex Ovechkin

One of the most efficient. Ever.

Matthews Legacy

Matthews is just 1 away from 300 career NHL goals, which should put him (barring something crazy at the beginning of this season) as the 8th fastest player to achieve the feat. Ovechkin, though, reached it just a touch faster.


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Crazy Stat Shows That Auston Matthews May Be Better than Alex Ovechkin

Will Matthews score 50 goals this season?

Yes3643.9 %
No4656.1 %
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