Columnist demands NHL stop selling Ovechkin gear

Published March 1, 2022 at 7:38 PM

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Alex Ovechkin has been put in a difficult position. Ovechkin told the media that he believes their should be no war, but apparently that was not good enough for some. A lot of people want Ovechkin to condemn Vladimir Putin and his actions.

Many do not realize this but thousands have been put into jail back in Russia for protesting against the war, so with Ovechkin's family back in Russia, does it sound like a smart move to you to take a stand against Putin?

Earlier today New York Post's Larry Brooks hopped on the "bash Ovechkin train" making a tweet stating "The NHL should stop selling Ovechkin gear".

Should the NHL consider what Larry Brooks is recommending or is this taking it too far? Ovechkin is not a politician, he does not command the Russian army, nor is he participating in the war. Why should he be punished for something that is out of his control?
March 1   |   435 answers
Columnist demands NHL stop selling Ovechkin gear

Should the NHL stop selling Ovechkin gear

Yes10824.8 %
No32775.2 %
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