Breaking News - Ovechkin wanted to make a statement

Published March 10, 2022 at 10:31

Alex Ovechkin has been under a lot of criticism for his previous relationship with Vladimir Putin. One other point of contention is Ovechkin's Instagram display photo, previously taken with Putin.


Now after a couple weeks the New York Times has released some additional information in regards to Ovechkin and his display picture.

There was a plan to change the picture to a symbol for world peace after news conference, but since Ovechkin's wife, two children and parents are currently in Russia, it was decided the photo of him and Putin would stay.

As mentioned multiple times Ovechkin's number one concern at this time is his wife and family home in Russia. With new laws also refusing to allow Russian athletes to speak out, any act of non-compliance could land them in jail.
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Breaking News - Ovechkin wanted to make a statement

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