Insider confirms tragic news for Brad Marchand: Season may be over

Mark Parsons
May 11, 2024  (9:12 PM)

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand after taking a hit from Florida Panthers' Sam Bennett
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The Boston Bruins faced a significant setback in Game 3 of their Stanley Cup playoff series against the Florida Panthers, not only losing the game but also potentially losing their captain, Brad Marchand.

During the game on Friday night, Marchand left the ice and did not return for the third period, sparking concern about his condition. The incident occurred after a contentious hit from Panthers forward Sam Bennett, which many initially thought had simply shaken Marchand up.

Dirty hit from Bennett injures Marchand

However, further examination of the slow-motion replay presents a more troubling picture. It appears Bennett may have deliberately struck Marchand in the head with a closed fist, holding the shaft of his stick. This action seemed premeditated, as Bennett was already braced in position before his hand jerked forward, making contact with Marchand's face at the moment of impact. While it's impossible to know Bennett's intent without his input, his quick glance around for an official's call before heading to the bench suggests awareness of the irregularity of his action.

Marchand's status for Game 4 is unknown

This incident raises serious concerns about Marchand's ability to participate in the remainder of the series. With the Bruins already trailing 2-1, losing Marchand could severely impact their chances of advancing. His potential absence due to a head injury could be particularly detrimental, considering the critical role he plays on the team. The situation is a developing concern for the Bruins, as they assess Marchand's health and await further updates on his condition.
Rich Keefe, a podcast host covering the Boston Bruins, shared that the Bruins captain looks to be out for games four and five.
Scoops: Brad Marchand out for at least Game 4 and Game 5, concussion protocol. Sources tell @RichKeefeShow

It is unknown if this report is true but if so, Marchand's season could be over.
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The real reason Marchand was injured in Game 3
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Insider confirms tragic news for Brad Marchand: Season may be over

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