New study shows surprising lack of interest in the Stanley Cup Finals in Canada

Tyler Ball
June 16, 2024  (2:34 PM)

Sportsnet broadcast crew during an intermission discussing Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals
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Today a new study has been found that looked into TV viewership across North America for the Stanley Cup Finals and the playoffs as a whole and shows a concerning trend.

The Stanley Cup Finals have been relatively frustrating for hockey fans. The Florida Panthers dominated much of the first 3 games leading to low event games. In Game 4 the Oilers flipped the script and handed the Florida Panthers a blowout loss.

Stanley Cup Finals viewership comes in shockingly low

These one-sided games have led to a concerning trend regarding the TV viewership of the Stanley Cup Finals. A study done regarding viewership revealed that only 7 million people tuned into Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. In Canada 58% of the country was revealed to not be paying much attention.
The few ratings numbers that have been released haven't been great . . . According to the NHL, seven million people across North America watched Game 1.

Early in the week, Léger released a pollafter asking Canadians and Americans if they intended to follow the Edmonton-Florida series. The headline was that a majority in this country – 58 per cent – were not paying much or any attention.

This is a concerning trend for the NHL due to the fact that this series should be well-received by fans. Connor McDavid is one of the best players of this generation and is facing a Florida Panthers team looking to secure their first Stanley Cup. Despite this concerning trend in the finals, the news isn't all bad for the NHL.

Bruins and Leafs show that fans still care about Stanley Cup Playoff hockey

Ratings from earlier in the Stanley Cup Playoffs provide more opportunity for hope. The Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs had one of the closest series of the playoffs and it led to record-breaking viewership on Game 7.
This likely means that despite the star power in this series the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers are not as much of a draw as previously thought. If the Edmonton Oilers continue to claw back into the series it could be interesting to see how the viewership continues.
Source: Oilers Daily
TV ratings for Stanley Cup Final take a shocking turn in Canada
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New study shows surprising lack of interest in the Stanley Cup Finals in Canada

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