Trusted Insider Reveals Offer Made by Flyers for Promising Young Center

Published September 18, 2023 at 6:58 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers' Off-Season Shake-Up Continues


The winds of change have swept through the Philadelphia Flyers this off-season, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for transformation. Their bold moves began with the appointment of new General Manager Danny Briere, followed by the selection of the controversial yet very promising prospect, Matvei Michkov, in the draft. Now, the rumor mill is buzzing with talks of the Flyers' pursuit of a young, dynamic center.

Insider Intel Confirms Flyers' Focus on Pinto and White


In the relentless pursuit of redefining their roster, the Philadelphia Flyers have reportedly engaged in trade discussions with the Ottawa Senators, targeting not one but two young talents. According to the ever-reliable Elliotte Friedman, the Flyers' radar has locked onto two potential game-changers: 22-year-old Shane Pinto and 26-year-old Colin White.

On the Pinto/PHI talk discussed on 32T:

The Flyers did make an offer. It would've seen Mathieu Joseph come back (along w/ Pinto) as a salary dump.

The ball is seemingly in OTT's court and PHI has kind of moved on; they "aren't expecting back" , at this moment.

Flyers are in Desperate Need of Center Ice Reinforcements


As the Flyers brace themselves for the upcoming season, the center ice position stands as a pivotal concern. The current roster lists Sean Couturier, Morgan Frost, Tanner Laczynski, and Ryan Poehling as their center options. Yet, the need for reinforcements is evident. Shane Pinto, in particular, emerges as a beacon of hope. This former second-round pick showcased his promise with a commendable rookie campaign, tallying 35 points across 82 games. With increased ice time and the nurturing of his latent talents, Pinto has the potential to soar to new heights and breathe fresh life into the Flyers' lineup.

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Trusted Insider Reveals Offer Made by Flyers for Promising Young Center

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