RUMOR: Oilers Trading Leon Draisaitl To Get Rid Of Jack Campbell?

Published November 26, 2023 at 6:39 PM
The Edmonton Oilers are perhaps the most embarrassing team in the entire National Hockey League. They have been blessed with two of the best players the league has seen possibly ever and yet they are still one of the worst teams in the league this year. They have little playoff success to show for their efforts in previous years as well. Now massive changes may be on the horizon in Edmonton.

NHL Reporters Discuss Possible Draisaitl Trade

There is no doubt that the Oiler's biggest problem this season has been goaltending. Jack Campbell has been so bad that he was demoted to the AHL. Despite a shutout in his last start, his numbers in that league are still awful, giving the Oilers little hope that he can play at even a replacement level in the NHL again. As such, trade speculation has begun to go wild surrounding the team with one reporter proposing a trade involving Leon Draisaitl. Hockey influencer Gio Palermo, also known as LegoRocks99, summarized the segment in a video discussing the trade on his YouTube channel.

You might have to attach a guy like Draisaitl, for crying out loud. Then they kind of share a laugh about it, and O'Dog actually says afterward, hey, you might actually need to put a guy like Draisaitl if you are trading a player like Jack Campbell away to a team that may have some playoff aspirations in the short term future.

Campbell Not An Option For The Oilers In The NHL

Reportedly, The Oilers were hoping their goaltending problem would solve itself by Campbell regaining his form in the AHL. His recent shutout may be a sign that things are turning around, but his overall stats still paint a rather bleak picture. The veteran goaltender has a 1-4 record, a 3.22 goals-against-average, and a .884 save percentage through five games with the Condors. His lone win (and shutout) came against the mediocre Henderson Silver Knights. Apparently, the Oilers are somehow still considering calling Jack back up. Most fans of the team are not buying this move though.

Campbell's numbers in the NHL have not been that different from those he's put up so far in the AHL. He has an identical 1-4 record, a near-identical .873 save percentage, and an inflated 4.50 goals-against-average. At this point, the Oilers' season may be over anyway so it may not matter what they do, but Campbell has certainly put the team in a tough situation.

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RUMOR: Oilers Trading Leon Draisaitl To Get Rid Of Jack Campbell?

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