REPORT: We Now Know The Next Team To Make A Trade

Published September 18, 2023 at 11:40 PM

Recent reports have surfaced that this team is getting very close to making a trade, and is likely to be the next team to get one done.

Canucks Pursuing A Trade For Cap Space

The Canucks are reported to be aggressively pursuing their options in order to create some cap space for the upcoming season, according to Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal of CHEK.

Dhaliwal: I think Canucks are aggressively trying to make a trade right now. Trying to move a body to create cap space...They are feverishly working the phones trying to move a body.

The Canucks are in an interesting position, being over the salary cap and with limited LTIR options. The only player who fits the LTIR bill would be Tucker Poolman.

Canucks Are Projected to be Over the Salary Cap and Something Has to Give

As of now, the Canucks are projected to be over the salary cap by about a million dollars. This puts them in a tough position, though its a position faced by many teams in the league. They could be forced to carry a 22 man roster instead of 23, in which case they might be able to send down Nils Höglander who carries a $1.1 million cap hit.

This scenario isn't ideal, and there is plenty of time to see what Patrik Allvin can cook up.

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REPORT: We Now Know The Next Team To Make A Trade

Should the Canucks make a trade to free up cap space, or carry a 22 man roster?

Make a Trade1967.9 %
22 Man Roster932.1 %
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