REPORT: Reason for PK Subban's retirement REVEALED

Published September 23, 2022 at 1:47 PM
It's only been a few days since PK Subban made the tough decision to announce his retirement at the young age of 33.

Subban was in the NHL for 13 years and played his last few season with the New Jersey Devils, but for most hockey fans, he will always be remembered as a Montreal Canadien.

This past March, the General Manager of the New Jersey Devils told Subban that they were going to be going in a different direction this offseason and tried to trade him at the deadline but no one was interested in his large contract.

When Subban hit free agency on July 13th, he hoped to play for a team and rejuvenate his career, but the former Norris Trophy winning defenceman would only play for two specific teams.

According to Patrick Lortie, Subban was hoping to either return to where it all began in Montreal, or play for his hometown team in the Toronto Maple Leafs. After the career Subban has had, he had the right to choose where he wanted to play, he might not be the elite scoring defenceman he once was, but he still has the booming shot and ability to make that elite breakout pass to help a team.

Unfortunately for Subban though, neither team had interest in him.

At 33, he wanted to be chose where he wanted to finish his career. He knew the back issues were going to prevent him from being the P.K. of old, but he still had gas left in the tank for one more run.

It does come as a surprise that the Maple Leafs were not interested in him as they could have most likely gotten him at league minimum, and maybe with all the injuries being reported on the team now they may reconsider.
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REPORT: Reason for PK Subban's retirement REVEALED

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