Report accuses Mitch Marner and his security of harassing the media

Tyler Ball
May 8, 2024  (12:43)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner warming up for a home game in the NHL.
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Today reports are surfacing from Toronto media member James Mirtle that Mitch Marner and his security team regularly harass the media in Toronto. This serious accusation comes in the midst of rumors about Mitch Marner's future in Toronto.

After a disappointing end to the season for the Toronto Maple Leafs, much of the blame has been placed on forward Mitch Marner. Now Mitch Marner not only finds himself taking heat for his on-ice performance but also his treatment of media off the ice.
Part of that. He pays attention to everything, right? He and his camp pay attention to everything, like, to such a degree. I mean, you know, Marner's camp has been mad at me and blackballed me going back, like, five or six years, and I have no idea why, like that.

No one ever said to me, like, oh, I didn't like this thing you wrote. Like, I think that our coverage of Marner has been largely positive. You know, going way back to when he was drafted and when he first came into, I mean, his rookie season, he was phenomenal, you know, and, like, he's had, he's regular season, he's been a great, great player, and I think that we've written that.

But there's such a sensitivity there. Um, you know, so there's all these feuds going on, and you hear about, you know, he's got, like, private security people that harass media people, and there's just, uh, there's really weird stuff that's going on. It's really strange things that go on with, with Marner, and sometimes I feel bad for him.

It sounds as though Mitch Marner hears and pays attention to what the media says more than the average athlete. This leads to Mitch and his security team feeling the need to address what is said. As a result, there has been evidence found that the security company that Mitch Marner employs harasses people who talk negatively about him.
Marner's security running that account

As you can see in the direct message screenshot in this post there is severe evidence of Mitch Marner's security team threatening people who talk about him online. This is just even more evidence that it might be time for Mitch Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs to part ways.
Source: Markerzone - Shocking accusations emerge on Mitch Marner's treatment of the media
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Report accuses Mitch Marner and his security of harassing the media

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