Frank Seravalli reveals Maple Leafs plan to bullying Mitch Marner into a trade

Graham Montgomery
June 10, 2024  (10:08 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner on 32 thoughts with Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman
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Frank Serravalli has doubled down on his stance on Mitch Marner, boldly claiming that the Leafs will find a way to trade him despite rumors that Marner's camp wants to stay in Toronto.

Marner has consistently been in trade rumors throughout his time in Toronto. No matter what happens, he always seems to be the standout player, and often not in a good way. This year, the rumor mill went into overdrive after Marner's lackluster playoff performance, the worst of his career. Since then, the team's relationship with Marner has seemed to deteriorate as both sides exchange blows by leaking details of their negotiations to the press. Today, Frank Serravalli reiterated his beliefe that the Leafs will trade him. Only now, it seems that cordial talks have ended.
Frank Seravalli on the DFO pod on Marner:

"I think the Leafs are going to make a play and they're going to basically back him into a corner over the next three weeks that says Mitch it's been great but we're moving on, so whether it's now or eight months from now your times up"

Serravalli's full thoughts on the situation can be heard in the post below.
Fans across the NHL are rather confused by all of this. Many Leafs fans believe that Marner has showed his true colors over the years, and that he is incapable of handling the pressure that comes with playing in Toronto. Some are now questioning whether or not he has the mental fortitude to engage in a stalemate with the Leafs for an entire season.
If Mitch Marner can't grind through two weeks of playoff hockey without letting the pressure ruin him, what makes him think that he'll manage to get through 7+ months as a pending free agent in the most pressure-filled hockey market on the planet?

Some fans have gotten the impression that Marner doesn't really care about winning, he just wants to deepen his own pockets. Playing with Auston Matthews is theoretically one way for him to do that as he will continue to put up gawdy point totals with the help of other elite forwards. Perhaps if he was on another team, he wouldn't be quite as effective, ultimately lowering his value on the open market.
He doesn't care. He wants to be here. He wants an artificially elevated points total being with Papi to raise his value. And he wants all the money and endorsements that come with being a Leaf for as long as he can.
I predicted this. Kid only cares about money

Marner's reputation among Leafs fans has already gotten to a bad point. While many fans love and admire him, many others resent him for his attitude and work rate on the ice as he often appears to not be giving 100%. Extending this standoff with the team will only serve to further damage his reputation.
Mitch Marner has every right to play out the season in Toronto and then walk to free agency but he will tarnish his legacy in his hometown and the Marner name will forever be tainted in this market.

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Frank Seravalli reveals Maple Leafs plan to bullying Mitch Marner into a trade

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