Oilers legend Mark Messier gets mad on ESPN as PK Subban disrespects the Oilers

Tyler Ball
June 15, 2024  (4:30 PM)

ESPN analyst PK Subban (right) talking during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals with fellow analyst Mark Messier (left).
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During an intermission segment of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals analyst PK Subban made a comment that infuriated Edmonton Oilers legend and fellow analyst Mark Messier.

The Edmonton Oilers have been thoroughly outplayed in the Stanley Cup Finals by the Florida Panthers. During an intermission ESPN analyst PK Subban talked about why he thought the team was struggling. During his explanation PK Subban called the Edmonton Oilers soft.
When PK Subban's going off on the Oilers about how soft and toothless their defense is, it's over.

Sitting next to PK Subban during his rant about the Oilers being soft was Edmonton Oilers legend Mark Messier who did not seem to appreciate the analysis.

Mark Messier gives PK Subban a disapproving look during ESPN analysis

As PK Subban is explaining why he believes the Edmonton Oilers are soft the camera pans to a wide shot including Mark Messier. Once you can see Mark Messier he clearly has an annoyed and angry look on his face.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Mess is absolutely SEETHING at @PKSubban calling the Oilers' D soft

While analysts are not supposed to show any bias toward one team or another this situation is understandable. Mark Messier was one of the leaders on some of the best Oilers teams of all time. Mark Messier also stopped himself and contained his disapproval to just a look and would even eventually go on to agree with PK Subban.
And I had to check, but the Oilers don't have Scott Howson to blame for this mess.

In other news, PK Subban's torching of Edmonton is entirely justified. Even Messier had to agree. Soft, soft, soft.

Whether it is due to the players being soft, the goaltending struggling, or star players not scoring in big moments the Oilers find themselves down 3-0 in the series. Game 4 now becomes a must-win or they'll leave the ice watching the Florida Panthers celebrate a Stanley Cup victory in front of their fans.
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Mark Messier shows frustration on ESPN after PK Subban insults Edmonton
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Oilers legend Mark Messier gets mad on ESPN as PK Subban disrespects the Oilers

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