Massive Potential Three-Team Trade Links The Anaheim Ducks To Two Former First-Round Picks

Tyler Ball
February 24, 2024  (7:41 PM)

Anaheim Ducks forward Adam Henrique celebrating a goal with Simon Benoit and Trevor Zegras
Photo credit: The Rink Live

Heading into the NHL trade deadline speculation is at an all-time high. A new three-team mock trade between the Colorado Avalanche, Anaheim Ducks, and Montreal Canadiens has been suggested.

New Three Team Mock Trade Lands Anaheim Two Former First Rounders

The trade would send two former first-rounders and other assets to the Anaheim Ducks with several other big names involved. The trade would land the competing Avalanche with both Adam Henrique and goaltender Jake Allen.
It would be a three-team trade involving Colorado, Anaheim, and Montreal:

COLORADO would receive Adam Henrique and Jake Allen

ANAHEIM would receive Calum Ritchie, the 1st round COL pick in 2025, Sean Behrens, and Ryan Johansen

MTL would receive a 3rd round pick in 2026 from Colorado

*ANA would retain 50% of the contracts of Henrique and Allen

- Via NHL Watcher

Anaheim who is a clear seller at this deadline would pick up several assets for giving away a player while simultaneously playing middle man. The Avalanche get their pieces to contend and Montreal gets a piece back for goaltender Jake Allen.

Who Wins This Wild Mock Trade In The End?

At the end of the day there are always winners and losers in a trade. With that in mind let's try and predict who would come out on top in this trade.
The immediate winner would likely be the Colorado Avalanche. They address two major holes on their roster and would have a chance at the Stanley Cup. With how much the Avalanche give up in this deal they also have the potential to be the biggest loser if they do not win the cup.
The Anaheim Ducks would likely be the next favorite to be the biggest winner. This partially comes from the sheer amount of assets they receive.
Calum Ritchie looks like one of the steals of the first round from last season and a future top-six center. Sean Behrens is a solid two-way defenseman in the NCAA projected to be a top-four defenseman. Then of course there is Ryan Johansen who is not nearly the player he used to be but a good NHL roster player to replace Henrique. Then finally the 2025 First Round Pick which depending on the player selected could be a good return on its own.
Finally, the Montreal Canadiens likely won't be the outright winner of this trade only receiving a third-round pick. However, getting an asset for a player you are moving on from anyway is good business. No one would say the Canadiens got fleeced in this trade at the end of the day and sometimes that is enough.
If this trade were to go down watching each piece play out would be fascinating.
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Massive Potential Three-Team Trade Links The Anaheim Ducks To Two Former First-Round Picks

Who wins this trade?

Colorado Avalanche9235.8 %
Anaheim Ducks9035 %
Montreal Canadiens7529.2 %
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