Justin Trudeau cheers for the Oilers ahead of finals

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 3, 2024  (6:29 PM)

Edmonton Oilers fans cheering and celebrating.
Photo credit: CBC

After defeating the Dallas Stars, the Edmonton Oilers have the chance to bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada for the first time in over 30 years.

For just the sixth time in the past 25 years, a Canadian team has made it to the Stanley Cup Final. With their victory over the Dallas Stars, the Edmonton Oilers have earned their spot in the final round, with the potential to break Canada's three-decade-long championship drought.
The Oilers' success has sparked nationwide excitement, with many Canadians rallying behind the team, including the prime minister. Late Sunday night, Justin Trudeau expressed his support:
"What a game. Time to bring the Cup home," wrote Justin Trudeau

Trudeau, a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan, would likely have shown support for any Canadian team reaching this milestone. With the Maple Leafs already eliminated, his support is fully behind the Oilers.
Despite the national pride, not all Canadian hockey fans are thrilled at the prospect of an Oilers victory. A recent Offside X poll revealed that many fans do not view the Oilers as "Canada's team" for the rest of the postseason. The majority of dissenters were likely Flames or Canucks fans, who are understandably hesitant to see their rivals succeed.
Regardless of mixed feelings, Oilers captain Connor McDavid is hopeful that his team's success can foster some unity among Canadians:
"It feels good to maybe unite the country a little bit and have something to bring people together,"

McDavid remarked after the Oilers' victory over Dallas.
"Hopefully we're doing that for Canadians across the country."

With the Stanley Cup Finals on the horizon, the Oilers face a tough opponent in the Florida Panthers, who have already defeated the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, and Tampa Bay Lightning. The Oilers' path to the Finals saw them best the Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks, and Los Angeles Kings.
As the Oilers prepare for the final round, the anticipation builds. Hockey fans across Canada eagerly await the possibility of celebrating a Stanley Cup victory on home soil. Both teams will get some rest before game one, set to take place on Saturday.
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Justin Trudeau cheers for the Oilers ahead of finals

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