Edmonton Oilers disrespected by Ron MacLean during live broadcast

Elliot Ben Jacob
May 30, 2024  (3:37 PM)

A photo of Ron MacLean.
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Ron MacLean disrespected the Edmonton Oilers organization by placing their jersey on the floor during Game 4 against the Dallas Stars, causing a stir among fans and panelists alike.

Ron MacLean, once a beloved figure on Hockey Night in Canada, found himself at the center of controversy last night. During the broadcast of Game 4 between the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Stars, MacLean disrespected the Edmonton Oilers organization by placing their jersey on the floor. This action, seen by many as a grave disrespect, has reignited debates about his place in the sport.
MacLean, known for his long tenure alongside Don Cherry, has been a staple of many Canadians' Saturday nights. However, since Cherry's departure following an on-air comment that ended his career, MacLean has faced numerous calls for his resignation. Despite these controversies, he has remained a prominent figure in hockey broadcasting.
Over his 40-year career, MacLean has been involved in multiple incidents that have led fans to question his judgment. The latest episode, involving the Edmonton Oilers jersey, has only added fuel to the fire. The unwritten rule in hockey is clear: you never step on or place a team's emblem on the floor. For many, this symbolizes respect and reverence for the team.
Kevin Bieksa, who was present during the segment, visibly reacted to MacLean's action. Bieksa, a former NHL player known for his adherence to the sport's traditions, immediately told MacLean, "you can't just throw a jersey on the floor." This reaction highlighted the deep respect players and fans have for these unwritten rules.
While some viewers may dismiss the significance of placing a jersey on the floor, for many, it is a sign of disrespect. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of these traditions and how they reflect the values of the sport.
The broadcast panel's reaction was immediate and unanimous. Another member was heard saying, "that's a fine," underscoring the seriousness of the action in the eyes of those within the sport.
This latest incident adds to the list of controversies surrounding MacLean. Despite his extensive knowledge and experience, his actions have increasingly alienated fans. The backlash from the Edmonton Oilers jersey incident has once again put MacLean in the spotlight, questioning his future in hockey broadcasting.
As the hockey community continues to react, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between tradition and modernity in sports. Whether this will be the tipping point for MacLean's career remains to be seen, but it is clear that his actions have left a lasting impression.
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Edmonton Oilers disrespected by Ron MacLean during live broadcast

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