Tanner Pearson unhappy in Vancouver?

Published November 20, 2021 at 11:48

Tanner Pearson is in the 1st year of a new 3 year deal he signed in April of last season, but according to some internet sleuths the veteran forward might be unhappy.

Barstoolvan on Instagram shared this photo two days ago:

This jersey includes all the names of players who've departed the Canucks over the past few years, which provides a fun laugh for anyone looking, but according to some it was another name that caught their eyes.

It turns out one of the people who liked this photo was a current member of the Canucks. That name just happens to belong to Tanner Pearson.

With the Canucks struggling currently and reports of discourse between players, coach and many calling for the GMs job the situation in Vancouver could get worse before it gets better. Also with the implications that more players could be departing the Canucks it's not a great sign when one of your players likes that post.

Editor Note: Wheel House Hockey was unable to locate Pearson's name today so it may have been removed at this time.
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