REPORT: NHL announces how much the Salary cap will rise!

Published September 27, 2022 at 8:30 PM
Since the world entered the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Hockey League has been in a salary cap freeze, raising no more than $1 million per season, and for some teams that were already up against the cap, it's been a struggle.

Despite the NHL setting new records in profits each year and even adding advertisements to jerseys and helmets, they still have not raised the cap since we entered the pandemic.

It sounds like now though that they are ready to make a jump in the salary cap. According to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, the league told teams of their expectations of the rise in cap space the next few seasons:


This is some great news for teams looking to really make a push by the 2025 season, but the large jump may not come soon enough for some teams currently like the Tampa Bay Lightning. But something is better than nothing!
September 27   |   94 answers
REPORT: NHL announces how much the Salary cap will rise!

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