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Penguins Veteran Star Kris Letang Accused Of Cheating by NHL Insider

Published December 21, 2023 at 6:22 PM

Over the years, NHL players have adapted to new rules and found new ways to gain an advantage over their opponents, but now, one veteran is being called out for the way he's done that.

NHL Insider calls out veteran star Letang


One such veteran that's finding a way to influence the game in other ways is the Pittsburgh Penguins star defenseman Kris Letang, who has now been called out over the way he's gaining an advantage over his opponents.

After embellishing to get another penalty against the Minnesota Wild, NHL Insider Michael Russo officially called him out on the antics that he claims have been happening for years.

Letang did same thing on Eriksson Ek penalty last night. He's done this for years and refs keep falling for it. In the #mnwild's last 2 losses, 3-3 ties were snapped after dives from Letang and Kane. No motivation for them to stop when refs keep giving them the benefit of doubt

Will the NHL crack down on the increase in flopping?

While the NHL has much bigger issues on their hands, the embellishment and flopping is getting out of hand, and when watching the video of Letang's play against Minnesota, it's hard to argue with Russo's assessment.

If players on the ice can't enforce opponents to stop doing this, it appears as though the NHL will need to step in given this is happening all around the league, with this being another example of what needs to change in the NHL right now.

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Penguins Veteran Star Kris Letang Accused Of Cheating by NHL Insider

Should the NHL crack down on the embellishing happening around the league?

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No139 %
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