NHLers Speak Out On The Changes Gary Bettman Needs to Make

Arron Murphy
September 19, 2023  (12:41)

A Recap of This Year's NHL Off-Season


With training camps set to kick off this week and an unexpected preseason game down under in Australia on Friday, the NHL is on the cusp of returning to action. This summer has been nothing short of eventful, witnessing the rise of a new franchise icon in Chicago, Connor Bedard. There's also been a flurry of key player signings and trades, including the reigning Norris Trophy winner, Erik Karlsson, making headlines. Of course, we can't forget the usual off-ice excitement for players, including their cherished encounters with the Stanley Cup.

NHL Superstars Answer Important and Fun Questions


ESPN's Kristen Shilton and Greg Wyshynski had the opportunity to catch up with numerous star players at the NHL Player Media Tour, held near Las Vegas last week. During their interviews, they posed an intriguing question: If you could introduce a new rule to the NHL, what would it be? Here's what some of the players had to say:
Josh Morrissey: "If you score on the power play, the power play doesn't end, so you get the full two minutes. As a guy that's on the power play, I wouldn't mind having it be the full two minutes regardless. So that might be a selfish answer."

Sidney Crosby: "I don't want to add this or subtract it [as a rule].. I just want to see it: Bringing the red line back. Would just love to see how that would affect the game. You knew when it was there, there's a ton of trapping and all that sort of thing, but it would just be a totally different game today. I think it would force you to have to make a few more passes. I just would love to see the combination of the way we play now combined with bringing the red line back, compared to what it would've looked like when it was first there."

Seth Jarvis: "I don't know if it's a rule, but [being able to] interview the refs after games. If you could implement that, I'd like to see it. That would be fun."

Johnny Gaudreau: "Get rid of the shootouts. Just do three-on-three [overtime] until someone scores"

John Tavares: "In the offensive zone [on faceoffs], the offensive player has the advantage and gets to go down second. I don't always think it's an advantage to go down second. I would like to think that the offensive player should be able to choose if you go down first or second. I know [from] going against Patrice Bergeron that he definitely wanted to be down first [Laughs] So, it's funny what you see as an advantage and what you think is
an advantage, and the offensive player should get to choose."

Charlie McAvoy: "I've seen USA Hockey actually fool around with this, and it's that you can't ice the puck anymore on the power play. If you're not able to ice the puck, then you're forcing guys to try and make plays, try and lob it perfectly. I think it would make it really difficult."

Jack Eichel: "Longer overtime. It would make teams utilize more players and allow more guys the opportunity to play in overtime. And I think it's just such an exciting time for the fans. I know as a fan of hockey, when I see games going into overtime, I automatically tune into them because I want to watch the three-on-three. So I think it'd be great for the fans."

Keller: "No dress code on game days. We do that, not for every game. It would be cool to do it for every game. You go casual. You can mix in suits. You can kind of go with whatever you're feeling to show your personality."

Filip Forsberg, Nashville Predators: "Probably get rid of the back-to-backs. [Laughs] You just can't play [as well] in a back-to-back."

Tage Thompson: "I'd probably get rid of the no-goal for kicks. I'd love it if you could kick in a puck. I think that should be a goal. If you have the ability to redirect a pass with your skate or kick it in, I think that's a skill. I think that's not an easy thing to do. So, I think that should be a goal for sure. You can kick it anywhere on the ice, except for in the net. So I think it should be a goal. Especially the fact that a lot of times the [defense] ties you up in front of the net and the only thing you can use are your feet"

Jacob Trouba: "Eliminate the salary cap."

These players' suggestions provide intriguing insights into how the game could evolve, offering fans and the league itself plenty to ponder as the NHL gears up for another thrilling season.
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NHLers Speak Out On The Changes Gary Bettman Needs to Make

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