BREAKING: Very Sad News For The Boeser Family

Published May 27, 2022 at 3:10 PM
It's been a very rough time this past year for Brock Boeser.

Unfortunately we heard about the bad news from Brock's mother yesterday when she stated the following:

«Our beloved Duke is skating his last lap around the hockey rink. He is at our home resting. Our family is close by his side. He's had some wonderful visits from family, friends and neighbors. Please pray for his comfort and peace as he makes his way home to our heavenly father. And please pray for our children as this is so very hard for them to let go.»

Today the Vancouver Canucks announced that Duke Boeser had passed away.

Boeser Boesers father was battling with Parkinson's, cancer. dementia and also sustained a brain injury did to a car accident.

We didn't know how bad things were until the end of the year press conference for the Canucks, Brock Boeser had to leave the press conference.

«He's not doing well, He has pretty bad dementia right now. It's onset, and he's had it pretty bad this year. It's really hit me hard.»

On behalf of House of Hockey we give our sincerest condolences to the Boeser family. May Mr. Duke Boeser rest in peace with our heavenly father.
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BREAKING: Very Sad News For The Boeser Family

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