BREAKING: PK Subban hockey career possibly over? - Getting his OWN TV show!

Published September 16, 2022 at 12:41
NHL training camps are fast approaching and one of the biggest names in free agency is still without a team. PK Subban has been looking for a team to take a chance on his this offseason, but according to his agent, not many teams have been interested.

While we've seen this week a bunch of players receive offers for PTO's, Subban hasn't even been able to get this with a team.

Subban is coming off a season where he scored 5 goals and 22 points while averaging just over 18 minutes of ice time.

From the sounds of it, Subban and the NHL are preparing for a league without PK in it as he agreed to produce his own TV show that begins in May 2024.

According to Puck Report on twitter, who shared the following information:

NHL will produce a new show with PK Subban called «PK's Places,» the hockey version of the NFL's «Peyton's Places,» league CMO Scott Mayer said on 32 Thoughts Podcast.

Production begins this fall, regardless of Subban's playing status, and is expected to hit the air in May 2024

In the past we've seen Subban do some broadcasting for TV and has done very well at it. If his playing career has truly come to an end, this would be the perfect next step in his career for Subban.

I dont know about you though, but I would love to see Subban play one more season in the NHL, I think he still has a lot to give.
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BREAKING: PK Subban hockey career possibly over? - Getting his OWN TV show!

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