BREAKING: NHL team getting a NEW rink

Published April 26, 2023 at 1:46 PM
The Calgary Flames had a disappointing season on and off the ice. While the team did not meet expectations, there is a silver lining - they are set to receive a new arena to replace the aging and dilapidated Scotia Bank Saddledome.

This new arena will be a much-needed improvement for the team and the city, as the Saddledome has long been considered one of the worst arenas in the National Hockey League, rivaled only by the Arizona Coyotes' facility. Take a look at the plans for the new arena in Calgary.

The construction of a new arena in Calgary would have a significant impact for both the city and the Flames. Currently, some individuals express concern for their safety when attending games due to the poor state of the current facility. Furthermore, recent comments made by players during locker cleanout day indicate that a new arena is long overdue.

Good news for the Flamesand NHL fans in Southern AlbertaAn agreement has been reached between the @cityofcalgary, the province of Alberta, @NHLFlames, and the @calgarystampede, for a new arena.

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BREAKING: NHL team getting a NEW rink

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