17-Year Veteran Rejects PTO Offers From Many Teams

Published September 17, 2023 at 3:05 PM

Paul Stastny has been playing in the NHL for 17 years and is now reportedly not willing to sign a PTO after being offered by several teams.

Stastny Refuses PTO Offers as He Has Already Proven Himself for 17 Years

It was rumoured that Stastny would be retiring this season, and after clarifying that he wasn't, he is now looking for a guaranteed contract for the 2023 season. It has been reported that Stastny is not willing to sign a PTO, and is not willing to have to prove his worth.

The time, however, is ticking for the veteran. Training camps are right around the corner, and Stastny may be able to get a contract from a team that is facing injuries down the road.

Stastny's Stanley Cup Dream Still Holds True

After 17 years in the NHL, Stastny has never played in the Stanley Cup final. It's every kid's dream to play in the NHL, and every NHL player's dream to hold the Stanley Cup over their head. If Stastny still holds this dream high, he may have to meet teams in the middle and concede his stance on a PTO.


Either way, the biological clock is ticking on his dream to win the Stanley Cup.

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17-Year Veteran Rejects PTO Offers From Many Teams

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