Canucks fan gets escorted out of Roger's Place, gets knocked out cold

Graham Montgomery
May 19, 2024  (8:31 PM)

A Canucks fan being escorted out of Roger's Place at the end of game six between the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks
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Last night, a fan of the Vancouver Canucks found himself knocked out cold after he was escorted out of Roger's Place and subsequently started a fight.

The Oilers won game six in a convincing fashion, putting five pucks past Arturs Silvos to keep their season alive. By the end of the game, one Canucks fan apparently had a little bit too much to drink and paid the price for it. He was being belligerent in the crowd, supposedly trying to start a fight with fans around him before he was eventually escorted out of the building.
A salty Canucks fan was escorted out of the stands at the end of the game. Per information from our follower who sent this in, the man was drunk & tried starting a fight

Things only went downhill from there. The same fan got into an altercation outside the building. Apparently, he got what he wished for as the incident turned into a fight with him getting involved with several Oilers fans. Things did not go well for him as he ultimately was knocked out cold. Making things much more embarrassing for him is the fact that he soiled himself in the process.
A fight just occurred outside of Rogers Place, which was allegedly started by Canucks fans acting erratically.

«A Vancouver fan got knocked out after a lot of drinking and a lot of lipping off. He had apparently said to a random nurse who came to help him I've been knocked out before.' Yes he did pee himself»

It was later confirmed that this was, in fact, the same fan that was escorted out of the building just moments before.
It appears that the man knocked out is the same man who got escorted out of the building in our tweet before this. Dude found out.

The Canucks and Oilers will now faceoff for a winner-take-all game seven tomorrow night. The Canucks are hoping to make the conference finals for the first time since their Stanley Cup finals appearance in 2011 while the Oilers are hoping to satisfy their star players with some sustained playoff success. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see who will advance and who will have their dreams crushed.
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Canucks fan lips off then finds out
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Canucks fan gets escorted out of Roger's Place, gets knocked out cold

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