Injury Ends Oshie's Night; Later Responds Online for Fans

Pat Quinn
February 23, 2024  (12:12)

TJ Oshie focuses as he warms up in practice
Photo credit: Ian Oland/RMNB

TJ Oshie's NHL career is coming to an end. After this one, he has one more year left on his contract, which pays him $5.75 million on average annually. Over his 995 career games, he has 686 points. Oshie has struggled with injuries throughout his career and even more so at this point.

Oshie hurt Thursday night but was able to still leave the ice under his own power

TJ Oshie sliced into the Tampa Bay zone with around 8:06 remaining in the third period, turned to dump the puck and afterwards keeled over in a gesture of pain. Colleagues had to help him off the ice because it did not appear that he would be able to stand up.
He was able to walk along the tunnel, thank goodness, although he was still stooped over. This seemed like the makings of a core muscle injury, but it might also have been a back problem or an injury to his ribs. Without someone hitting him or ice being a problem, it appears to be something along those lines, but I hesitate to assume.
The game would ultimately be won by the Washington Capitals, 5-3. A special greeting for Oshie would be sent out by the official Washington Capitals account.
Got it done for 77

TJ Oshie would respond through social media.
I'll be back. Thanks for the love caps fans. ❤️ #NoBadDays

Oshie is an often injured player but will play his heart out on the ice

Oshie has already missed time: from the end of December to the middle of January, and two weeks through November to December. He has never participated in an entire 82-game season in his career.
Despite the fact that he has previously stated that he wants to finish out his contract, even if it means dealing with a lot of injuries.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that Oshie probably wants to play in the NHL for a minimum of 1000 games, and he should only be able to play those five to reach that milestone (depending on how serious this injury is). He is also just 14 points away from 700 in his career, and that is a pretty nice number to hit for many NHL players.
We wish TJ Oshie a quick and safe recovery.
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Injury Ends Oshie's Night; Later Responds Online for Fans

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