Canucks Insider Makes Shocking Statement on Elias Petterson

Tom Banks
February 26, 2024  (7:47 PM)

Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks.
Photo credit: The Canuck Way

The Vancouver Canucks have had a season that no one, even the biggest Canucks optimist couldn't have expected, but their upcoming summer may be exactly the opposite.

An incredible year for Vancouver thus far

After injury riddled seasons, all of their top stars have performed at their best in 2023-24, with Thatcher Demko, J.T. Miller, Quin Hughes, Elias Pettersson and seemingly every other player putting on fantastic years.
As we head towards the trade deadline, the team sit first in the Western Conference with goals of a Stanley Cup, and according to one insider, it may be their best ever shot at winning one.

Elias Pettersson out of Vancouver in the summer?

While many expected Pettersson to stay in Vancouver following this year, the optimism has reportedly soured, with insider David Pagnotta revealing this.
The Vancouver Canucks and centre Elias Pettersson are comfortable waiting for the end of the season to address the superstar's contractual status.

The 25-year-old is on pace for a second-consecutive 100+ point season and is due for a nice raise. In fact, if he wants to commit to an eight-year extension tomorrow, he can.

According to a well-placed source tied to the club, the Canucks tabled Pettersson a long-term deal, believed to be eight years, worth $12 million per season at the beginning of the 2023-24 campaign. That offer has not been rejected; it's there for the taking. Pettersson simply wants to take his time, see how the season plays out and revisit his future in the summer.

This isn't about money; Pettersson is focused on winning. That's why he shut down talks last off-season – he wanted to fully prepare for this year and help the Canucks bring a championship to Vancouver. His patience, so far, is paying off.

The Canucks aren't feeling any heat, either. They control his rights, as Pettersson can become a restricted free agent July 1 (with arbitration rights), but they aren't applying any significant pressure. The deal is there for him when he's ready for it. Right now, his priorities are elsewhere and that's winning.

Now, Canucks insider Rick Dhawali has revealed his stance on the situation, claiming he's no longer confident that Pettersson will re-sign in Vancouver long term.
"Canucks aren't getting any indication from Pettersson that he wants to be here long-term. There's frustration there. I still have no intel he wants out. Up until now I always thought Pettersson would re-sign but I'm not so sure now. Vancouver's gotta do their homework... when it comes to a trade."

Whatever happens, it appears the next few weeks could give us answers, because if not, this is going to be a very interesting summer.
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Canucks Insider Makes Shocking Statement on Elias Petterson

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