Florida Panthers celebration with the Stanley Cup ends as the NHL takes it back

Tyler Ball
July 6, 2024  (10:09 PM)

The Florida Panthers posing with the Stanley Cup after winning the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals over the Edmonton Oilers
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Today the NHL and Gary Bettman announced that they would be taking the Stanley Cup from the Florida Panthers and pause their celebration with it.

The Stanley Cup is one of the most sacred trophies in sports. When players win the Stanley Cup they never want to part with it. The Florida Panthers have been partying with the Stanley Cup for weeks now after winning it over the Edmonton Oilers.
However, today the NHL, Gary Bettman, and keeper of the Stanley Cup Phil Pritchard took the Stanley Cup from the Florida Panthers. The Stanley Cup has been taken and sent off to add their names on to it after winning.
According to the keeper of the Stanley Cup Phil Pritchard the Stanley Cup has been sent to Toronto. There Louise St. Jacques will receive it and be the one to engrave the names on the Stanley Cup. In the coming days the Florida Panthers will also submit the 52 names they would like to have on the Stanley Cup.
Carl Poul Petersen works on the Stanley Cup in his Montreal studio, likely in the early 1960s, and Louise St. Jacques with the trophy in 2014. She has been the Cup's silversmith since 1989, adding team and player names for the past 35 years.
«We had a little impromptu meeting with Louise at the side of the road at the airport, she took the Cup from us and we flew back to Toronto,» he said.

Pritchard had spoken with the Panthers on Tuesday and said the team hoped to have its 52-name list submitted to the NHL within a day or so. Once approved by the office of Colin Campbell, the League's senior executive vice president of hockey operations, the list would go to St. Jacques and her painstaking work would begin.

«Louise can do a bit of it now,» Pritchard said. «But adding the names, the biggest part of her work, can't be done until she has the list.»

Once the Stanley Cup is engraved with all of the names then the Florida Panthers will get the trophy back. At that point each person with their name on the Stanley Cup will get their day with it throughout the summer.
The journalist also mentions that the Stanley Cup will be repaired soon, as it has sustained considerable damage over the past few days.
Florida Panthers celebration with the Stanley Cup ends as the NHL takes it back

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