Connor McDavid reveals season-changing moment for Oilers this season

Graham Montgomery
May 4, 2024  (8:41 PM)

Close up of Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid chewing on his mouthguard
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The Edmonton Oilers have advanced to the second round where they will meet the Vancouver Canucks. Its quite the change from how the beginning of their season went. Today, Connor McDavid revealed what turned the team's season around.

Sharks beat writer Sheng Peng has not been particularly busy lately as the Sharks have little to do now but wait for next week's draft lottery. However, he did report on one special moment from the season, a November 9th win against the Edmonton Oilers. At the time, the win tied the Sharks for last place in the league with the Oilers.
McDavid Calls Losing to Sharks This Season 'Low Point' of His Career

Pierre LeBrun revealed today that the game was a significant turning point for the Oilers this season. He did a whole article for the Athletic, breaking down the events that happened immediately before and after the game, revealing how the team responded.
It turns out, a Nov. 9 loss to the Sharks may be just the thing the Oilers needed, writes @PierreLeBrun.

It forced a coaching change. It hardened Edmonton. The team hasn't looked back.

And Connor McDavid and Ken Holland agree ⤵️

Oilers captain Connor McDavid called the loss 'the lowest point of his career.' That is how bad things were going for the team in November. He went on to say how the team had a meeting the next day where they collectively agreed to change their mindset and attitude moving forward with the season.
«That was a low point, I would say even in my career, it felt like. We had a meeting the next day (after the loss in San Jose) and the meeting was, ‘There's nowhere else to go. We're last.' That was a tough realization, you know? But at the end of the day, it was a meeting that let guys let some things go that we were holding onto. This need, to have a great year and whatever, all of a sudden it just shifted to, ‘Let's get ourselves back in it.'

That meeting could not have been more successful as the Oilers would go on to win their next game against the Seattle Kraken. Oddly enough, that was when the team decided to part ways with head coach Jay Woodcroft, despite the win. However, once Kris Knoblauch came in, the team took off, putting up one of the best records in the league from that point onward. Now the team will look to continue that momentum after a decisive first-round victory against the LA Kings.
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Connor McDavid reveals season-changing moment for Oilers this season

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