Rumor indicates three key Boston Bruins will not return next season

Tyler Ball
May 20, 2024  (2:04 PM)

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The Boston Bruins have a veteran group oftentimes with an older group a lot of turnover happens in the offseason and that is expected to be the case for the Bruins.

After losing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs to the Florida Panthers the Boston Bruins are looking ahead to next season. With 11 players expected to become free agents, several players will have new homes. Today a new rumor explored the three most likely players to leave.
With free agency just a couple of months away the Boston Bruins are already laying their plans for who is staying and who is going. Three players expected to move on this summer are Kevin Shattenkirk, Linus Ullmark, and Pat Maroon.
Linus Ullmark has one more season left on his contract with a no-movement clause. He did reportedly reject a trade at the deadline this past year. There is now confirmation that the teams on his no-trade list are still destinations he would not go to.
I asked Ullmark about his no-trade and if he would exercise right this summer. Said the teams that are on his list are on there for a reason, and he doesn't want to disclose reasons why. Says it's between himself, his family, and agent.

However, he only started one playoff game and Jeremy Swayman is the clear starter now. These factors might be enough for Linus Ullmark to approve a trade elsewhere.
Next up is Kevin Shattenkirk who is an unrestricted free agent. After an okay season with the Boston Bruins, both sides will likely be looking for a change heading into next year. At 35 years old the market for Kevin Shattenkirk might be shallow leading to an extension but it is more likely he finds a new home. There is also some belief that Kevin Shattenkirk could be retiring this summer as well.
This is probably Kevin Shattenkirk's last season..man, what a hockey life...NCAA Champion, Stanley Cup Champion, respect of peers.

Finally, we have Pat Maroon who signed a one-year deal with the Bruins coming into this season. After having back surgery over the offseason Pat Maroon struggled to find his game for much of the season. He has indicated he would like to be back with the Bruins to try and make a better impact.
Pat Maroon wants to re-sign with #NHLBruins. Would you give him the Lucic deal from last year? 1 year, $1 million base and cap hit with incentives to get to $1.5 mil? #GetBent

He once again is one of the older players on the roster and the Boston Bruins could be looking for an infusion of youth. If they want to continue with a veteran group Pat Maroon could be a candidate to stay. However, his playoff experience and veteran leadership could make him too valuable on the open market.
All of these players are individuals who provide a lot of value through leadership. With the Bruins' lack of success on the ice, this offseason might be about sacrificing some of the leadership for more talent and consistency on the ice.
Source: Bruins Insider - It's confirmed: These Boston Bruins will not be returning to Boston
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Rumor indicates three key Boston Bruins will not return next season

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