Shocking actions prove that the Panthers are the most hated team in the NHL

Graham Montgomery
June 30, 2024  (11:16)

Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk lifting the Stanley Cup over his head
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The Florida Panthers were largely ignored at the NHL draft this year, despite winning the Stanley Cup.

Traditionally, NHL general managers tend to thank both the host city as well as the Stanley Cup champions. In this case, that would be the Florida Panthers, as they took down the Edmonton Oilers in game seven of the finals just a few days ago. However, none of the teams around the league elected to give them a shout out this year.
The first-round of the NHL Draft has come to an end and not a single team congratulated the Florida Panthers on their Stanley Cup win.

Can't remember the last time that happened, usually multiple teams give a shoutout to the winner.

Apparently though, the disrespect goes deeper than that. Gary Bettman himself reportedly told teams not to thank the Stanley Cup champions as they were announcing their picks.
The NHL told them not to per an article I read in the Athletic. They were told to keep it short and sweet along with not inviting the entire front office up to the podium. This wasn't a purposeful snide of the Panthers. But I'm sure their fans will milk it for all its worth

According to multiple sources, the league not only told teams not to thank the Panthers, but they were also given a couple other instructions. First, they were not to thank the city of Vegas. Second, they were not to bring, "the entire front office on stage." It was not uncommon in years past for teams to bring ten or more people on stage for their first round picks.
Shortly before the draft, a rumor circulated that teams had been told not to the usual "thank the hosts and congratulate the champs" schtick that every GM who isn't Tim Murray always feels obligated to do. Just make the pick they were told. And don't bring the entire front office on stage when you do it.

These changes seem to have been in an effort to make the draft go by quicker. That being said, the first round still took more than three hours to get through. So it seems the Panthers lost their shoutouts for nothing.
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Shocking actions prove that the Panthers are the most hated team in the NHL

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