REPORT: Pittsburgh Penguins interested in TRADING for former 29-goal scorer

Published February 19, 2023 at 7:53 PM
The Pittsburgh Penguins are an aging team and this offseason they committed to two of their long time veterans Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin long term, which means the core of this team is taking a last run together then they are going down with the ship.

The Penguins are currently holding a wild card spot in the Eastern Conference, but are fighting for their lives. The team is not full of youth like it used to be, but the veteran experience is still holding their own with the young players of todays game.

As usual, the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking to improve their roster before the trade deadline to improve their playoff streak to 17 straight seasons, and one player they are looking at is a Vancouver Canuck.

Brock Boeser is an elite goal scorer who has been a little streaky in Vancouver. He broke onto the scene in his rookie year scoring 29 goals, but hasn't hit that number since. Injury problems have kept him from playing in a full season and are a huge factor in not hitting that goal total.

Boeser is one of the players the Vancouver Canucks are actively trying to trade this season, and it sounds like the Pittsburgh Penguins are interested:

Seravalli says the Penguins are intrigued by Boeser as one of the options they have.
According to Seravalli, he's told the Canucks are willing to entertain the idea of retaining salary on a Boeser trade. Around the $1M range.

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REPORT: Pittsburgh Penguins interested in TRADING for former 29-goal scorer

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