Gary Bettman fines the Toronto Maple Leafs $100,000

Published December 28, 2022 at 6:18 PM
Today the NHL announced that the Maple Leafs have been fined $100,000 for breaking the CBA.

The National Hockey League announced today that it has fined the Toronto Maple Leafs' organization $100,000 for the team's travel to St. Louis on Dec. 26, 2022. This team activity was in violation of Article 16.5(b) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association.

The fine money goes to the NHL Foundation.

According to Elliotte Friedman the Maple Leafs flight from Toronto left Toronto before midnight putting them in violation of the rule. According to Friedman the Leafs flight left at 10:30 instead of 12:00 which put the Leafs in violation of NHL rules..
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