Former NHL defenceman PREDICTS CRAZY trade for Toronto Maple Leafs - It's not a bad idea!

Published February 7, 2023 at 8:31 PM
For many years now people have been saying that ''this is the Leafs year'' or atleast that it's the year they finally win a playoff round. The difference about this season is this ''is the year'' that if no playoff success is found, there is going to be some drastic changes to management and most likely the roster.

We already know the perdicament the Maple Leafs are in with Auston Matthews potentially leaving after next season, also the fact that William Nylander's contract is up at the same time and he is going to be asking for almost double his current deal. But add in the fact that if there is no success this season, that is likely the end of Kyle Dubas as General Manager as well.

To save his job and want to try and make Matthews stay a Maple Leaf, the Leafs are going to be probably very active at this years trade deadline to try and be more prepared to take on Tampa Bay in the first round of the playoffs than they were last year when they lost in 7.

Former NHL player, now Analyst made a very bold prediction on who the Leafs should go after at this years trade deadline, and honestly it's a great idea if they can make the cap work.

Keith Yandle the former Ironman streak holder, believes the Maple Leafs will go after a former Stanley Cup Champion, 3 time champion in fact, Jonathan Toews.

The Maple Leafs biggest problems have always been their defensive play and bottom 6 depth. Well, Toews has always been known as one of the best defensive players in the league and he can bring a great depth scoring role to the Leafs as well if he is put on that third line.

According to Yandle, this is going to cost the Maple Leafs their 2nd round pick and prospect Nick Robertson.

Personally, at this point I would offer just the second round pick for Toews, as with his current production that is probably only his value, but the Maple Leafs issue if that the Hawks will need to retain 50% of his salary, and they might need to get another team in on this deal to retain 50% of the remaining salary as well. So in the end offering up Robertson could be required.

What do you think, should the Maple Leafs go after Toews?
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Former NHL defenceman PREDICTS CRAZY trade for Toronto Maple Leafs - It's not a bad idea!

Should the Maple Leafs trade for Toews?

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