Jon Cooper praises Toronto Maple Leafs, predicts Stanley Cup running is coming

Graham Montgomery
June 4, 2024  (11:28 PM)

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper addressing the media after being eliminated from the playoffs
Photo credit: Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper has given the Maple Leafs a lot of praise lately, and he believes the team will go on a deep playoff run soon.

Since the Tampa Bay Lightning were eliminated from the playoffs, Jon Cooper has enjoyed some of his down time by staying active in the NHL. He's gone on a bit of a media spree, even joining TNT for one of their broadcasts of the Western Conference final. Now he's talking with parts of the Leafs media circles giving his honest opinions about the team.
Some strong words from the Lightning bench boss, who advises Leafs fans that things are tight in the Atlantic, and it could be the Leafs' turn soon to go on a run.

The full quote had more of Cooper explaining about how Toronto, Tampa, Boston, and Florida are so tight, and one bounce can determine your whole season.

The coach believes the Leafs are due to go on a deep playoff run. After all, if anyone would know a thing or two about deep playoff runs, it would be Cooper, who lead his Lightning to back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in 2020 and 2021, following both up with a third-straight finals appearance in 2022, where they fell to the Colorado Avalanche. His full thoughts on the Leafs can be seen in the video below.
Jon Cooper thinks the Toronto Maple Leafs will go on a run

This is not the first time Cooper has been particularly complimentary of the Leafs this offseason. He also recently discussed the Leafs hiring Craig Berube as their net head coach. The Lightning bench boss seems to think that Berube will do a great job with the Leafs, hopefully getting more out of the players than Sheldon Keefe was able to.
"I have a solid friendship with him (Craig Berube.) I hate when these guys come into my division and I'm buddies with them. But I think he's a hell of a coach, I think he gets the best out of his players, honestly I thought Sheldon Keefe did a heck of a job there but you know Craig will be a different voice and I'm not quite sure what he's doing with his assistants yet but, he's an honest coach... but the one thing he'll make sure he does is get an honest effort out of the guys."

Could this mean the Leafs will win a Stanley Cup in the next few years? It is certainly possible, but nothing is a given in the NHL. Be sure to stay tuned to see what other moves the Leafs could make this summer to better their chances at lifting Lord Stanley once again.
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Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper has high praise for bitter rival
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Jon Cooper praises Toronto Maple Leafs, predicts Stanley Cup running is coming

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