Avalanche Coach Jared Bednar Reveals The Most Underrated Part Of The Toronto Maple Leafs

Tyler Ball
February 25, 2024  (6:02 PM)

Colorado Avalanche head coach speaking at a press conference in Colorado.
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A new interview with Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar has revealed the most underrated part of the Toronto Maple Leafs as a team. In the interview Bednar talks about both the Maple Leafs strengths and perceived weaknesses.

Avalanche Coach Reveals The Most Underrated Part Of The Maple Leafs

During a post-game interview after losing to the Toronto Maple Leafs the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche Jared Bednar had high praise for his opponents. Bednar complimented the Maple Leafs on their high-flying offense. He then shifted his focus to what he considers to be the most underrated part of their team.
"Number one, they're first in offence in the league in the last 10 games. And then you look at their defending numbers... I always feel like they don't get enough credit for the way they defend and how hard they defend and their chance suppression," Bednar said.

"It's been good now for a couple of years, and yet they still get beat up over it at times, I think, because they're a really good offensive team. And, you know, there's a lot of weapons on the team, but they're committed to what they're doing on the defensive side of it. They put the whole package together here, especially in the last 10 games. And they're winning every night."

This is not only a big compliment to the Toronto Maple Leafs players but to head coach Sheldon Keefe as well. Bednar mentions that the team is committed to the defensive side of the game and that comes from buying into coaching. Despite all of the injuries the Maple Leafs have faced their defense is getting noticed but will need to stay sharp down the stretch.

Maple Leafs Need To Sharpen Up Heading Into The Playoffs

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching the Toronto Maple Leafs are likely to make a move of some kind. In addition, they are expected to get several key pieces including Mark Giordano and Joseph Woll back from injury.
Once all of the pieces fall into place for the Maple Leafs they will need to make sure they find the ideal mix of offensive firepower and defensive structure. As seen in the past the Maple Leafs offense can only carry them so far. This means the defensive game and goaltending will need to be locked in for a playoff run.
As the trade deadline passes and additions are made the picture will then start to truly form for how this team will play in the playoffs. For now, though praise from a Stanley Cup winning head coach like Jared Bednar is never a bad thing.
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Avalanche Coach Jared Bednar Reveals The Most Underrated Part Of The Toronto Maple Leafs

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