Bruce Boudreau reveals what the Oilers need to do to come back in the Finals

Tyler Ball
June 13, 2024  (12:19)

Former NHL head coach Bruce Boudreau speaking about the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals on television.
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The Edmonton Oilers find themselves down 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals and today former NHL coach Bruce Boudreau had some advice for the team on how to come back.

With the Edmonton Oilers down 2-0 to the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals their approach clearly needs to change. After a Game 2 where they were heavily outshot they need to find a way to get more chances on Sergei Bobrovsky. Former NHL coach Bruce Boudreau believes the plan needs to begin with "old school hockey".
It's pretty easy for me for a blue print, he said. Listen, they have to change a few things, they have to shoot more. They have to get pucks inside, they need to win the 1 on 1 battles. I know it's almost archaic like it was talked about in the 60s and 70s and 80s, but in the end, this is what you have to do - win those one on one battles, get to the front of the net, and shoot pucks. It's sounds easier than it actually is, but that's what they've gotta do.

While fans have moved away from their love of old-time physical hockey and moved more towards a love of speed and skill both are needed. This usually comes out in the playoffs in particular when teams with speed and skill but no seconday game to get to the net struggle. The Edmonton Oilers will need to find that secondary game to be able to make a comeback.

Edmonton Oilers need to solve Sergei Bobrovsky

If the Edmonton Oilers are going to win this series they need to figure out how to knock star Florida Panthers goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky off of his game. So far in this series he has been the most valuable player for the Panthers. Bruce Boudreau also spoke about this and once again believes traffic in front of the net is the key.
I think what I said before in my last answer, you have to get in his (Bobrovsky's) eyes and get him off his game," he said. "I know referees these days call everything tight, but you have to get at the end of the blue print and get in his eyes. Get two and three guys in, shoot the puck at the net, and get scrums. That's how you'll get into his kitchen.

For this plan to work every player in the lineup will need to commit to it. That includes Oilers captain Connor McDavid who is not known for being a net-front presence but will need to show that he and his team can do it when the game calls for it.
The Edmonton Oilers will face off against the Florida Panthers tonight in Game 3. If they are not able to input a new gameplan during tonight's contest the series could be all but over if the Panthers pull out the win.
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Bruce Boudreau reveals blueprint Oilers must follow The former NHL head coach has a plan for Edmonton to get back into the Stanley Cup Final.
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Bruce Boudreau reveals what the Oilers need to do to come back in the Finals

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